Upcoming Cooking Classes
All Classes are non-dairy,
gluten free, less oils & sugars -  made with the freshest ingredients. 

Cooking classes are in
the Meyerland area. 
Raw Foods Basic
Dinner in the Raw: Take your nutrition to a higher level! Easy to make & delicious! Get on Board or just add more variety to your eating plan. Fiesta Coleslaw, Tabouli Spinach Salad, Walnut-Red Pepper Pate', Totally Healthy Persons Salad with Orange Miso Dressing, Sea Pasta Vegetable Salad, Corn Chowder.

Eat Your Veggies
Cook veggies with great skill, plus bring out their essence & taste. This class provides all you ever needed to know about cooking vegetables. Make them taste great! Season! Combine! Flavor! Learn how to prepare Greens with Ginger & Garlic, Roasted Root Veggies, Broccoli Delight, Grilled Spinach with Garlic, Crunchy Cabbage Slaw. The class includes knife skills. Plus easy dressing & sauces to go over your veggies created in a minute.

Great Meal
Health food-drab and tasteless?  Wrong!  Now put great meals on the table. Or add a bit of something new and refreshing to your "same old, same old" meals.  Learn to prepare Orange & Avocado Salad, Best Vegan Chili in Texas, Exotic Wild Rice Pilaf, Grilled Italian Asparagus, Squash Medley (colorful).

Contact Marian about upcoming class availability!
Call: 713.447-0436
or Email: Marian@MarianBell.com

The ingredients are fresh, organic, real, wholesome products geared for people who want to know more about vegan, macrobiotics, plant based, vegetarian, less sugar, fats, gluten free and healing diets. Even better the dishes are delicious, tasty & easy.
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