+ Permanent Weight- Loss
Marian's unique multi-dimensional approach isn't just about choosing wholesome foods.  It isn't about portion sizes, avoiding temptation or deprivation.

It's about knowing nutritionshopping healthy, having the right foods in your pantry,  cooking smart,  ordering smart in restaurants, even changing the way you view yourself in relationship to food.  It's about rewiring old habits of body and mind that work against your weight-loss goals every day.

Marian offers the most up to date information on Food, Nutrition, Carbohydrates (which are ok and those that are not), adding more organic, and gluten free or raw to your daily food plan.  Reading labels.....and more.
 ... have been attending a class for the past few months and I have seen amazing results.  Some small, some huge but every food myth you want to know about will be tackled in this class.  Marian Bell blends  years of gourmet cooking, and nutritional knowledge to help guide you to do what is best for your body.

Marian is a great motivator and works with all different types of people, ones with allergies, low energy, stress, yo-yo dieters and people who simply want to learn better eating habits (such as becoming a vegetarian or eating organic).  A food connoisseur, with a great sense of humor, Marian has a mission: to facilitate a healthy lifestyle for you!
You deserve to give yourself the gift of good health.

... thank you for all you taught us during your seminar, I especially liked the part about chewing your food properly and making good choices.

I am practicing what you preached and am happy to say I have lost about 9 pounds since then…. So again thanks very much!
 I really like that Marian's focus is on health rather than specifically weight loss (that's just an added bonus).  Having been a member of weight watcher's before, it didn't work that well for me b/c I am a vegetarian and avoid lots of processed foods and artifical sweetners and the other "low fat" stuff that is out on the market.

I always knew how much better off I would be by eating healthier, but
Marian has given me the boost I've needed to get started. So KUDOS to you Marian!!!! 
Anna Dominguez

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