Nutritional Coaching
Marian’s personal one-on-one guidance is
tailored to your history, your health, your emotional state, your physical needs, your habits, your lifestyle, your job, your family, your food budget,  and your needs.
  Marian can:
  • Propel you from a SAD diet (Standard American Diet) to the SUPER diet 
            (Support Yourself Properly by Eating Right!)
  • Support diets for those with AIDS, cancer, hypoglycemia, diabetes, or low energy
  • Plan menus tailored to your personal likes and or nutritional needs
  • Give you recipe tips to add taste and variety—so you’ll lose weight and love it!
  • Cut through new food choice confusion
  • Help you triumph over cravings, binges, food addiction, and habits like coffee and cigarettes
  • Tailor natural remedies to your special needs and preferences
  • Help you make choices for a trimmer, more attractive you
Marian has been doing nutritional consultation for
twenty-two years in the Houston area. She works with
patients referred by physicians and health
practitioners—people who have allergies, low
energy, hypoglycemia or who want to move from
disease to wellness or to a more appropriate weight.
“Eat your veggies!”
“Did you take your vitamins today?”
Not what you’d expect to hear, but this guidance may be just what you need to reach your health goals. Whether in person or by phone, you’ll recognize the value of every coaching session with Marian, and it will be fun with her boundless energy and enthusiasm. The information and nutritional wisdom helps you grow—on the inside—while you shed extra pounds.
   I loved the
simplicity and
practicality of
Marian’s program.
It was easy to
manage – even
with my busy
Dr. B. Townes
coaching client
    With Marian
as my nutritional
guru & personal
cheerleader I lost
60 pounds. Now
I look better, feel
stronger and
have more self
Camilla Westrop
coaching client


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