Marian Talks!
Public Speaking
Marian has been speaking about and teaching healthy
lifestyle techniques for over 18 years.  She would love to
come to your group gathering to speak!  Some of her
favorite subjects are:
Be Healthy, Feel Great

• 12 keys to Optimum Health.
• The key to really losing weight.
• Chemistry – how your body metabolizes & functions
• Age old secrets from our ancestors from biblical times.
• Life changing tips on how to get off the SAD diet 
   (Standard American Diet) and make long lasting
   food choices.
• Easy tools to stay on track.
• Stretching and breathing techniques.
• Daily habit support system.
      I love to speak
to groups who are
interested in nutrition
and want to get healthy. The questions they ask
challenge me to provide easily understandable
answers about basic
everyday eating habits.
Marian Bell
Healthy lifestyle talks:
Up Your Vitality
You can have all the energy you want! Learn the foods and herbs that energize you.  No matter what your health challenge may be, learn which foods, herbs and supplements support you and your body.  Changing the way you choose foods can easily be used to get rid of that afternoon slump, and the feeling of that heavy cement block you pull around all day.  You will be amazed at how many things you can do to get life into your body.

Natural Medicine Cabinet
Confused by the vast array of vitamins and herbs on the health store shelf?  Learn about the herbs, food supplements and products that enhance nutrient function.  Learn about remedies for headaches, backaches, stomach aches, allergies, cuts burns, pain and even the blues.

Natural Weight Loss & Nutrition
No more diets! Great Vitality!  12 fantastic keys to losing weight.  Learn how body chemistry/your metabolism works and how to get healthier while having more vitality. Discover how to build ever-lasting habits to stay on track.  Please bring a 1-day food diary.

Children & Health: A Natural Approach
Runny noses, dark circles under the eyes, ear aches, fat
children, temper tantrums, learning difficulties— try an
approach that is so easy and simple to help your children be healthy and well every day . They could be allergic to the outdoors, have Candida (too much yeast in their systems), or just be eating the wrong foods. Learn simple, natural herbal remedies to help both them and you stay well and healthy.

For Females Only: Foods & Herbs That Support You
Take charge of your wellness.  This is for any female discomfort — urinary tract infections, PMS, menopause, breast cancer wellness and more.  Follow the path of our ancestors who used herbs, special teas, aromatherapy, special vitamins and food to keep themselves healthy and fit.  The talk will give special attention to you and your condition.

Contact Marian to find out her speaking schedule or to book her for your gathering!
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